Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Crying Bronco

What is Jay Cutler doing?!? He either thinks he is already better than John Elway, or thinks that he is the next coming of Christ. Take your pick. Whining and complaining about being on the trading block? THIS IS THE NFL! If your organization thinks that they can get better by getting rid of you they will. It is as simple as that. If Joe Montana and Brett Favre can leave their homelands, Jay Cutler can too. I shouldn't even put Cutler in the same sentence as Favre and Montana. Here is the Broncos record under the greatness of Jay Cutler:
  • 2006: 2-3
  • 2007: 7-9
  • 2008: 8-8
His performance against the team's biggest division rival, Chargers:
  • 1 Win (with many thank-yous going out to Mr. Hochuli)
  • 4 Losses including 3 tds and 5 ints
I don't mean to hate on Jay Cutler right now, but I just can't stand when athletes think that they are greater than the game, or greater than the players that have come before them.

So please, Jay, buddy, save us all the agony of having ESPN taken over by an immature, hot-headed, mediocre talent complaining about being on the trading block. You wouldn't be on the trading block if you were producing Jay. Plain and simple.

Even Carmelo Anthony has injected himself into the situation by trying to explain the business side of things to Cutler. And let's face it, when your franchise QB looks immature compared to Carmelo, you have serious problems.

Let me know what you think...



  1. I literally laughed so hard that beer came out my nose when I first read this. Seriously Jay? Did the big bad head coach hurt your feewings? Get over it, Montana ended up in KC, and he's the greatest QB of the last 30 years. I hope they ship you to Detroit.

  2. If only real life were that good to us. If Cutler ends up in Detroit I will buy you another beer to replace that one.