Wednesday, March 4, 2009

T.O. is CUT!

Can anyone believe that Jerry Jones actually cut T.O.? The old man might still have a little football savvy in him. I mean Jerry Jones is the man who signed Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson after their wonderful modeling careers in Mugshots Today Magazine.


I thought that Jerry and T.O. were going to do a reality TV show together. Pick the next superstar wide receiver for the Cowboys from a bunch of third team all-state Texas kids!

Never-the-less, this is a big move in the football world. Even if Terrell's numbers don't make him one of the best receivers in the game anymore. Over the last two years T.O. has dropped more passes than any receiver in the league. 27 to be exact. Last year, T.O. has less receiving yards than Vincent Jackson of the San Diego Chargers. You could argue that Vincent, albeit a solid receiver, is the Chargers third option in the passing game behind Chris Chambers and Antonio Gates.

Well, if he is not going for big yards anymore he must still be moving the chains. That's what happens to old receivers, right? They go from deep threats to possession guys. Ummm, T.O. had less first down catches than Kevin Walter (HOU), Lance Moore (NO), Chris Cooley (WAS), and Matt Jones (JAC). Yes, the Matt Jones you know from his glorious cameo in the July 2008 copy of Mugshots Today Magazine. And Matt only played in 12 games last year...

So, lesson to be learned from today's lesson?

#1) Jerry Jones is not as crazy as Al Davis. (Not yet at least)

#2) If when you saw the "T.O. is Cut" headline, you thought to yourself, "Man, I hope my team picks him up." Slap yourself in the face and go take a cold shower.

#3) Do as I do, pray every night that your team will stay as far away from T.O. as possible.

Let me know what you think....


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  1. #2) A lot of slapping and showering going on in Buffalo.